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Unipro Piping Systems Private Limited is an advanced piping systems company engaged in manufacturing, import and marketing of Multilayer Composite Piping systems, also known as PE-AL-PE Pipes and MLC Pipes. Unipro’s Multilayer pipes combine the advantages of both metal and thermoplastic materials and at the same time eliminate the disadvantages associated with these materials. The pipe’s unique composition makes it bendable without springing back giving it various advantages over traditional piping systems and are used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors for multiple applications such as hot & cold water, drinking water, solar water and domestic & industrial gas supply, compressed air supply and underfloor heating & cooling systems. 

Unipro is a solutions-driven company with an aim to provide World-class products to the Indian market. Our products have been developed based on years of Industry experience & customer feedback and with a design philosophy of having high quality and high durability products that are easy to install and use. All our products are manufactured using advanced processes and high-quality raw materials. As a result, Unipro's products have Industry-leading features and quality.  

We are located in Bengaluru, Karnataka and Pune, Maharashtra and have a network of Dealers across India to make our piping systems available closest to you.

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