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Product​ Name


Material of Construction

Joint mechanism


Working Pressure

Working Temperature

Compatible Pipes









Unipro Grip​tite Fittings

Engineering Plastic 

Brass Insert

Compression type

Hot & Cold Water supply

Drinking Water supply

Solar Water supply

Compressed Air supply

Underfloor Heating & Cooling system

upto 232 psi

-40°C to 95°C

Griptite by Unipro is a high performance fitting made from Engineering plastic. The fitting works on a Compression joint mechanism which ensures a leak-proof joint. Griptite can be used in a variety of Applications such as Hot & Cold water, Solar water, Drinking Water (including Jal Jivan Mission / Nal se Jal initiatives of Government of India), Compressed Air and Underfloor Heating & Cooling systems.


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