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Multilayer Pipes

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Unipro Multilayer Pipe is constructed of an inner and outer layer of Polyethylene sandwiched over an Aluminium layer. All the layers are permanently bonded together by an intermediate layer of adhesive. The Aluminium layer is sealed using precision over-lap welding technology which enables the pipe to withstand high working pressures. 

Aluminium Layer


  • No memory - stays where it lays

  • High mechanical strength

  • High pressure withstanding capacity

  • High temperature withstanding capacity

  • Permanent oxygen barrier layer

  • Low thermal linear expansion

  • Mechanical resistance to deformation

Polyethylene Layer

(PE / PERT)​​

  • Corrosion and rust resistant

  • Smooth inner surface for better flow rates

  • Flexible

  • Lightweight

  • Food grade material

  • Scaling resistant

  • Chemically inert

Pipe Concept


Compression Fittings

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Compression fittings are highly reliable and have a simple installation technique with no need of any heavy or complex tools. The fitting is joint to the Unipro Multilayer Pipes by compression, i.e. by tightening the nut against the tapered split ring. The profiles of the nut and split ring are designed to cause shrinkage of the split ring on tightening of the nut and to distribute the compression forces across the contact surface. 


O-ring seals are mounted on the insert of the fitting and come in direct contact with the pipe. The O-rings along with the compression effect on the pipe ensure a leak-proof joint. Each insert has a set of two O-rings for increased reliability. These fittings can be easily assembled and disassembled as required. 

Fitting Concept
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Salient Features


The composite nature of Unipro Multilayer Pipes along its compression technology fittings have some important features which make it the piping system of choice for a wide variety of applications


Pipe Bendability

The Pipes are flexible and do not have memory, hence it can be bent into any shape without springing back to its original position. It maintains the given shape and there is no need to use heat or any special tools for bending the pipes. 


Smooth Inner Surface

The pipes have a low 'Absolute Pipe Roughness' of only 0.0015 mm. This results in less friction during the flow of fluid and subsequently lower pressure losses. The inner surface smoothness is up to 100 times better compared with traditional metal pipes such as Galvanized Iron pipes. 


Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is a major reason for increased costs as it reduces system pressure, flow rates and gradually leads to leakages, moreover it reduces the working life of the piping system. Since the inner layer of Unipro Multilayer Pipes is of polyethylene which is rust and corrosion resistant, all of the associated effects of corrosion are eliminated in our pipes.


Minimum Use of Fittings

Due to the flexibility of the pipes, '90° Elbow' fittings are not required in the piping system. Similarly, the pipes come in standard packaging of up to 200 meters and hence use of 'pipe to pipe connector' fittings is also reduced significantly. Minimum use of fittings in the piping system leads to optimized flow rates and reduces the possible leakage points.


Chemical Resistance

The pipes have an outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals.


Low Thermal Conductivity

Thermoplastics are a bad conductor of heat. As a result, the overall Thermal Conductivity of Unipro Multilayer pipes is very low at 0.45 W/mK, which is about 1/100th of metal pipes. 



Unipro Multilayer Pipes are an innovative piping system that uniquely combines all the benefits of plastic and metal in one pipe and at the same time eliminates their corresponding disadvantages.


Long Working Life

The pipes have a long working life of up to 50 years. These are based on the highly reliable 'Ageing' tests.

Clean Fluid

Since there is no corrosion in the inner layer of the pipe, the fluid flowing through the piping system remains clean and free from any corroded particles.

Minimum Pressure Drop

Due to a smooth inner surface and minimum use of '90° elbow' fittings the pressure drop in Unipro Multilayer piping system is lower compared to any other piping system. 


Higher Flow Rates

The pipes have a high Hazen Williams flow coefficient of c=150. As a result, compared to traditional pipes same flow rates can be achieved in these pipes using a smaller diameter pipe. This leads to savings in the initial cost of piping. 


Minimum Leakages

The pipes are joint using Compression technology fittings. It is a highly reliable jointing system which ensures a leak-free joint through the use of O-rings and compression of pipe over the fitting.


Ease of Installation

The pipes are quick and easy to install and do not require any heavy or complex tools and equipment. 


Low Cost of Ownership

Unipro Multilayer Pipes have a working life of up to 3 times that of traditional metal pipes and require minimum maintenance. The pipes also have a lower initial purchase cost.  As a result, Unipro Multilayer Pipes are the most cost-effective piping system available in the market both in the short term as well as the long term. 



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