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for LPG, PNG and Industrial Gases

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for Hot & Cold Water, Compressed Air and 

Radiant Heating & Cooling

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Multilayer Piping Systems

Unipro Piping Systems Private Limited is an advanced piping systems company engaged in marketing of Multilayer Composite Pipes also known as PE-AL-PE Pipes and MLC Pipes. Unipro Multilayer pipes are made of multiple layers of Aluminium and Polyethylene and are bendable. The pipes are used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors for multiple applications such as hot & cold water, drinking water, solar water and domestic & industrial gas supply, compressed air supply and underfloor heating & cooling systems. We are based out of Pune, Maharashtra and have a network of dealers across India.


We have the following brands

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We offer a complete range of multilayer composite pipes, fittings and related accessories

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Multilayer Pipe

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Engineering Plastic Compression Fittings

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Brass Compression Fittings